Since December 2018, Shoutcast has completely changed its policy. It no longer allows you to register your radio stream on the Shoutcast directory if the server version you are using is not 2.6 or higher. As normal, another poorly communicated change with little or no warning. Belgian company Radionomy who owns Shoutcast have had quite a few disasters over the years and are not famous for treating their users /customers in a very professional manner. Customer support requests are very rarely answered.  

The one positive is the Shoutcast Directory has  become pretty much obsolete over the past few years, especially with the rise of other far better structured directories such as tunein.com.

It is still sad, that the software that Nullsoft developed all those years ago, which started thousands of people on the road to internet broadcasting has seemingly fallen into the hands of people with worrying,  erroneous intentions.

Stop Press. It seems that Centova are not in a hurry to upgrade their software to support DNAS 2.6 any time soon! Maybe it’s time to breakaway and change to Icecast….

Problem with Shoutcast Authhash – Authhash too long
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