You can now play all Pumpkin FM stations on your Alexa Smart Device!

Just say “Alexa, open Pumpkin FM”

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Q. What format do you use to stream your channels?

A. All of our music channels are dual encoded using MP3 and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC).  AAC+ is an audio coding standard for lossy digital audio compression. Designed to be the successor of the MP3 format, AAC generally achieves better sound quality than MP3 at similar bit rates.  UK Retro 4050 & Radio Malvern International all dual stream in both MP3 and aacPlus, all other spoken word channels stream in standard MP3 format.

Q. What is the best way to listen to Pumpkin FM on a Desktop PC?

A. The best player to use on a desktop PC or laptop is Winamp. Click Here to Download a copy for your Windows PC or Click Here to Download a copy for MAC OSx

Once installed you can launch a channel in Winamp by clicking below on the streams ‘listen.pls’ link:

  1. Heritage USA   Listen.pls
  2. BritCom 2  Listen.pls 
  3. Crime Incorporated   Listen.pls
  4. BritCom 1   Listen.pls
  5. Strange Radio   Listen.pls
  6. Venture Radio   Listen.pls
  7. UK Retro 4050   Listen.pls
  8. UK Retro 4050 aacPlus stream   Listen.pls
  9. Radio Malvern Intl Listen.pls
  10. Radio Malvern Intl aacPlus stream Listen.pls

(Windows should ask the first time you click one of the above links which program you would like to use the open it. Select Winamp and tick the box (always use this program)

Q. What is the best way to listen to Pumpkin FM on a Mobile/ Tablet?

A. Download the Pumpkin FM – Old Time Radio Network App, available for Android mobiles, tablets, Chrome TV, Amazon Fire Phone & Amazon Fire Tablets.

Pumpkin FM App on Google Play Store

Pumpkin FM Radio App for Android




For Apple (iOS) & Windows devices, we recommend that you download the Tunein App which is available for Android, iOS & Windows Mobile devices.  Links: Android Version  Apple iOS   Windows Phone

PLEASE NOTE: We have had reports that the app stops working when the screen on a mobile device or tablet switches off. If you experience this problem, please give the app permission to run in the background and remove it from the list of apps that battery optimization turns off when the screen is not in use. 

Settings >> Device Maintenance >> Battery >> UnMonitored Apps >> Add Apps – “Add Pumpkin FM Old Time Radio Network App”

The above settings are correct for Phones running Android version 8 and was tested on a Samsung S8 Plus. Other OS versions and mobile phones may vary! 


Q. I need the stream URL / IP address and Port number for my Internet Radio

A. You can use the following to manually program your Internet Radio

  1. Heritage USA
  2. BritCom 2
  3. Crime Incorporated
  4. BritCom 1
  5. Strange Radio
  6. Venture Radio
  7. UK Retro 4050
  8. UK Retro 4050 aacPlus stream
  9. Radio Malvern Intl
  10. Radio Malvern Intl aacPlus stream

  11. If you need to use an IP address, please use and add the corresponding port number for the required stream as listed above.

Q. Why do some programs end before they have finished?

A. Most of our spoken word channels are built on a weekly schedule of 336 half hour blocks. Every hour there are two shows. In an ideal world, programs would be a maximum of 26 – 28 minutes in length, but years ago it was quite common that programs would run for anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes in length or longer. So it does not take a brain surgeon to realize that two 35 minutes shows will not fit within an hour. We try to take this into consideration when creating the schedule for each channel. It is a very rare occurrence that you will miss the end from a show, but if this happens we apologize, but with over one hundred thousand episodes from hundreds of shows, inevitably you may experience this issue occasionally.


Q. The quality of some shows are very poor and hard to hear!

A. Many of our shows are 70 years old. They just aren’t going to have the same “high fidelity” sound quality that today’s generation is used to. Most of the shows sound pretty good though, considering their age.  We do always try to use the best quality programs we can find. Many times we have replaced individual shows or whole series when we’ve found better sounding copies. We have over 100,000 shows in our collection. We haven’t had time to listen to all of them.  We love old time radio and collecting shows. We do the best we can to broadcast the best shows we can find.


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