Last update 10/03/2023

Originally, all 11 Pumpkin FM stations were broadcast from one cloud server. In the past, this has always operated at the limits of its capacity, causing issues from time to time. The money we raised for the Christmas appeal has allowed us to install three smaller cloud servers and split the channels among them. American Gold (soon to be rebranded American Comedy Gold) will be the final channel to leave the old server which will then be terminated saving us money.

SATURN (Server)

Radio England
Malvern Radio JRS
Radio Malvern International
American Comedy Gold

JUPITER (Server)

Crime Incorporated
Venture Radio
1940s Radio
Strange Radio

NEPTUNE (Server)

BritCom 1
BritCom 2
BritCom 3


  • My Tuner app
    All stations working.
  • Radio.Net
    All stations working.
  • Simple Radio app
    All stations working.
  • Pumpkin FM app
    All stations working.
  • Tunein app
    Listed stations now all working.
  • Audials
    All stations working (BritCom 3 to be added)
  • Streema
    All stations working.


All stations are operational and visible in the directory.

Standalone Internet Radios

Ocean Digital
Updated but old links still exist. Please search for Pumpkin FM. All stations with Pumpkin FM after their name are the new links e.g., BritCom 1 – Pumpkin FM

Smartradio Frontier-Nuvola
Updated should all be working.

Updated should all be working.

Alexa devices

All stations working