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Audio Noir on Crime Central. The Golden Age of Radio was filled with police & detective shows – stories about private eyes, gumshoes, insurance investigators such as Johnny Dollar, police detectives and sleuths like Sherlock Holmes.

Audio Noir – Crime Central Old Time Radio Station

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Some of our Old Time Radio crime shows:

Audio Noir
Abbott Mysteries
Adventures of Bill Lance, The
Adventures of Christopher Wells, The
Adventures of Christopher London, The
Adventures of Father Brown, The
Affairs of Anne Scotland, The
Affairs of Peter Salem, The
Alias Jimmy Valentine
Amazing Mr Smith, The
Avenger, The

Barrie Craig
Big Guy
Blackstone, The Magic Detective
Blue Beetle
Boston Blackie
Bulldog Drummond

Candy Matson
Case Book of Gregory Hood
Casey, Crime Photographer
Charlie Chan
Charlie Wild, Private Detective
Chick Carter, Boy Detective
Crime & Peter Chambers
Crime Files of Flamond

Danger With Granger
Danger, Dr Danfield
David Harding, Counterspy
Dick Tracy

Ellery Queen

Falcon, The
Fat Man, The
Frank Race

Green Hornet, The

Hannibal Cobb
Harry Lime (The Third Man)
Hearthstone of the Death Squad
Helen Holden, Govermental Girl
Hercule Poirot

Inspector Thorne of Homicide
It’s A Crime, Mr. Collins

Jeff Regan, Investigator
Johnny Dollar
Johnny Fletcher
Johnny Madero, Pier 23
Johnny Nighthawk

Leonidas Witheral
Let George Do It

Mark Sabre of Homicide
Martin Kane. Private Detective
Matthew Slade, Private Eye
Michael Shayne, Private Detective
Mike Malloy, Private Eye
Mr. and Mrs. North
Mr. Chameleon
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons
Mr. Malone
Mr. Moto

Nero Wolfe
Nick Carter, Master Detective

Pat Novak For Hire
Paul Temple
Perry Mason
Pete Kelly
Peter Chambers
Philip Marlowe
Philo Vance

Rex Saunders
Richard Diamond
Rocky Fortune
Rocky Jordan
Roger Kilgore, Public Defender
Rogue’s Gallery

Saint, The
Sam Spade
Sgt. Preston
Shadow, The
Sherlock Holmes

That Hammer Guy
Thin Man, The

Whisperer, The

21st Precinct

Are these our Children?

Big Story
Big Town
Bishop and The Gargoyle, The
Black Hood, The
Black Museum, The
Box 13
Broadway is my Beat

Call The Police
Calling All Cars
Calling All Detectives
Crime Club
Crime Doctor
Crime Does Not Pay
Crime Fighters
Deadline Mystery
Defense Attorney

Eno Crime Club

FBI in Peace and War
Federal Agent
Five Mysteries Program, The
For the Defense
Front Page, The


Highway Patrol
Hollywood Mystery Time
Hot Copy

I Deal in Crime
I Love A Mystery

Lineup, The
Mr. District Attorney
Murder by Experts


Official Detective

Police Blotter
Police HQ

Queen’s Men

Squad Room

Tales of the Texas Rangers
This Is Your FBI
Treasury Agent
True Detective Mysteries

Under Arrest