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Love Thy Neighbour - Jacko's Wedding
103 Views · 2 years ago

Jacko comes back from holiday with news that he is getting married to a bingo caller he met on his travels. When she shows up, everybody thinks she's after his money; in fact, Joan knows this girl to be a gold-digger--and already married. She sends the girl packing and the wedding is off. Albert thinks Jacko will jump into the canal, and everybody heads out there to stop him.

Hogan's Heroes - The Prince from the Phone Company
103 Views · 2 years ago

An African prince comes to Stalag 13 who is negotiating with the Germans for the rights in his country to build a submarine base and Hogan replaces him with Kinchloe.

Nightfall (1956) Aldo Ray, Anne Bancroft
99 Views · 2 years ago

Through a series of bizarre coincidences, a man finds himself falsely accused of bank robbery and murder and is pursued by the authorities and the real killers.

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)
97 Views · 1 year ago

Stars: Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas, Lizabeth Scott, Van Heflin
Director: Lewis Milestone
Writer: Robert Rossen

A predatory female plots to rid herself of a meek husband and silence a former lover who may have witnessed the untimely death of her mean-spirited, but wealthy stepmother.

Man in a Suitcase - Property Of a Gentlemen (1968)
89 Views · 2 years ago

⁣McGill goes from the Cezanne to the frying pan when he's hired by an estranged daughter to investigate why her dying father refuses to see her. Nothing is as it appears beyond the wrought-iron gates of her family's mansion.

Director: Peter Duffell
Writers: Wilfred Greatorex, Richard Harris, Dennis Spooner
Richard Bradford
Terence Alexander
Justine Lord

Love Thy Neighbour - The Car
86 Views · 2 years ago

When Bill buys a brand-new car. Joan tries to convince Eddie that they need one, and after Bill's constant bragging Eddie finally buys ones, but he can only afford a little scrap heap.

You Bet Your Life #56-25 ('Money')
83 Views · 2 years ago

⁣Groucho Marx hosts a quiz show which features a series of compe****ive questions and a great deal of humourous conversation.

Great Guy (1936)
82 Views · 2 years ago

Great Guy (1936) Crime noir full movies, James Cagney stars as an honest inspector for the New York Department of Weights and Measures taking on corrupt businesses and crooked politicians. Not his normal "gangster" movie Jimmy Cagney plays a "great guy" in this classic crime film.

The Thin Man Goes Home (1944)
80 Views · 2 years ago

Nick and Nora Charles visit Nicks parents in Nick's hometown of Sycamore Springs. The town is a very peaceful and law-abiding one but Nick soon has a murder case on his hands.

Starring - William Powell, Myrna Loy, Lucile Watson

Are You Being Served S06E04
78 Views · 2 years ago

Sales figures are down and profits are down so young Mr. Grace orders Mr. Rumbold to make staff cut backs. Someone has to go and Mr. Rumbold decides the staff must decide who.

The Bravados (1958)
77 Views · 2 years ago

Full Western Movie, Full Length Cowboy Film, English: (1958)
The Bravados (original title), 1h 38min, Drama, Western.

The Bravados is a 1958 American western film (colour by DeLuxe) directed by Henry King, starring Gregory Peck and Joan Collins. The CinemaScope film was based on a novel of the same name, written by Frank O'Rourke.

A man is chasing four outlaws who killed his wife and finds them in a small town's jail but they escape to Mexico.

Director: Henry King
Writers: Philip Yordan (screenplay), Frank O'Rourke (novel)
Stars: Gregory Peck, Joan Collins, Stephen Boyd

The Honeymooners - Ralph Kramden Inc.
74 Views · 2 years ago

Norton buys stock in a fictional company Ralph is considering starting up called Ralph Kramden, Inc. And when Ralph learns that he is going to receive an inheritance, Norton wants his share as well.

The Gentle Trap (1960)
74 Views · 2 years ago

Gentle Trap

A 1960 Butchers production about safe cracker Johnny Ryan (Spencer Teakle) who after robbing a jewellers, is himself robbed by a rival gang headed by Ricky Barnes(Martin Benson). Barnes has also pinched Ryan's girlfriend and she in turn has set Ryan up.

However, Ricky's dumb henchmen miss the diamonds on Ryan. With this £60,000 booty, he acquires some refuge at a nightclub in the company of two sisters; the kindly Jean (Felicity Young) and deceitful Mary (Dorinda Stevens).

McHale's Navy - Ensign Parker, E S P
74 Views · 2 years ago

To keep Parker from being shipped out, McHale and The Crew try to help the Ensign raise a thousand bucks, to replace a string of pearls - A gift for Binghamton's Wife - That were destroyed as Parker tried to save the Captain from what he thought was an air raid.

McHale's Navy is an American sitcom starring Ernest Borgnine that aired 138 half-hour episodes over four seasons, from October 11, 1962, to April 12, 1966, on the ABC television network.

He Walked by Night (1948)
71 Views · 1 year ago

Stars: Richard Basehart, Scott Brady, Jack Webb
Directors: Alfred L. Werker, Anthony Mann (uncredited)

A cunning psychopath is the subject of the greatest manhunt in LAPD history! The semi-documentary style of this film inspired co-star Jack Webb to create his iconic TV series Dragnet.

You Bet Your Life #56-28  ('Roof', Apr 4, 1957)
68 Views · 2 years ago

⁣Groucho Marx hosts a quiz show which features a series of compe****ive questions and a great deal of humourous conversation.

The Fourth Protocol (1987)
67 Views · 2 years ago

British spy John Preston (Michael Caine), recently demoted by his boss for a well-intentioned but unsanctioned mission, stumbles onto a covert plot by KGB agent Valeri Petrofsky (Pierce Brosnan), who is attempting to build and detonate a nuclear bomb on British soil and blame it on the Americans. With the support of the ailing MI5 director, Preston, who is still at odds with several of his superiors, attempts to uncover and thwart the plot before it's too late.

Directed by John Mackenzie

Story by Frederick Forsyth

Michael Caine
Pierce Brosnan
Ned Beatty
Ian Richardson
Joanna Cassidy

Dean Martin -  Christmas Special  (1967)
66 Views · 1 year ago

⁣Dean is joined by Frank Sinatra and their respective families for the Christmas show. Dean and Frank do a medley of standards. Frank Jr and Dino perform "How Do You Talk to Your Dad." Tina and Deana sing "Do-Re-Mi."

Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War
66 Views · 1 year ago

Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War is a British comedy-drama film from 2002, directed by Ian Sharp and starring Pauline Collins, John Alderton and Peter Capaldi. It is based on a 1993 novel with the same name by Vernon Coleman.

It is the story about a woman, Thelma Caldicot, who is coerced by her manipulative son Derek and daughter-in-law to move into a run-down nursing home, owned by Derek's employer, after the death of her bullying husband. Derek also gets her to sign over her house to him. However, she doesn't like it at the nursing home and shows her frustration. After having been medicated by the staff to stay calm, she finally incites her fellow inmates to revolt.

You Bet Your Life #58-36  (Secret word 'Table', May 28, 1959)
64 Views · 2 years ago

⁣Groucho Marx hosts a quiz show which features a series of compe****ive questions and a great deal of humourous conversation.

Hogan's Heroes - Kommandant of the Year
63 Views · 2 years ago

Klink catches word that his POW camp, Stalag 13, has been ranked as one of the top 10 prisoner-of-war camps. Hogan uses the distraction to sabotage a new rocket being stored at the site.

Hogan's Heroes - The Scientist
63 Views · 2 years ago

Corporal LeBeau pretends to be a visiting French scientist while Hogan smuggles out the real one.

Nearest And Dearest - 1969 Christmas Special.
62 Views · 2 years ago

Boxing Day at Pledge's Purer Pickles. The factory is quite. The last consignment of special gift-wrapped gherkins for Christmas has long gone.

Nellie and Eli find time to spend a few peaceful hours with the family. It is a small family circle these days and the Pledge's are left with Lily and Walter, affectionately known - by Eli at least - as the Christmas Fairy and King Rat. But is it a good idea to hold a séance to try to get in touch with old Joshua Pledge who has been dead these two years? Is Lily really a medium? Can the ghosts of picklers long departed really roam the factory? Is dad trying to get in touch with Nellie from that great pickle factory in the sky?

Nearest And Dearest - Get Up Them Stairs.
59 Views · 2 years ago

Walter and Lily, the Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman of Colne, have been together now for 24 years, and their marriage has always seemed, to outsiders, to be one long honeymoon. Nellie and Eli move in as marriage-maker and marriage-breaker when Lily confesses that the relationship is not all it appears.

Doctor in Distress (1963)
59 Views · 2 years ago

⁣Dr. Simon Sparrow's (Sir Dirk Bogarde) love life improves dramatically when lovely Delia Mallory (Samantha Eggar) is brought into casualty with a sprained ankle. As a model she's relieved at the diagnosis, and she's as attracted to Sparrow as he is to her.

Meanwhile, Sparrow finds himself treating Sir Lancelot Spratt (James Robertson Justice), who has started sleep-walking. He has also suddenly lost his gruff manner, and is being nice to everyone. Sparrow quickly diagnoses Spratt's condition: he's fallen in love. The object of his affection is Physiotherapist Iris Merchant (Barbara Murray). Sparrow urges him on, but she has another suitor: Major Tommy Ffrench (Donald Houston). Spratt tries to hire a private detective to follow her, but when that doesn't work out, he follows her himself.

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