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Three Came Home (1950)
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Watch Three Came Home (1950) Full Movie on The Film Detective. Three Came Home is the dramatic screen adaption of Agnes Newton Keith's war-time prison memoir. Separated from her husband, Keith (Claudette Colbert) and her young son must survive in captivity until the end of the war. The realistic and harrowing film was directed by Oscar nominee Jean Negulesco, and features former Japanese silent screen star Sessue Hayakawa as the stern camp commandant Colonel Suga. "It will shock you, disturb you, tear your heart out," wrote the NY Times' Bosley Crowther. "But it will fill you fully with a great respect for a heroic soul."

Director: Jean Negulesco
Writers: Nunnally Johnson, Agnes Newton Keith
Starring: Claudette Colbert, Patric Knowles, Florence Desmond

Are You Being Served S02E01
34 Views · 1 year ago

The store sponsors an anniversary dinner for Mr. Gainer, an employee whom no one wants to see retire.

Get Some In - End Of Basic Training
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The morning after the fire and basic training is complete. The boys are due in front of the Selection Officer to determine their future trade. Mrs. Marsh is similarly insistent that the Cpl. assesses his own career.

A Christmas Carol (1999)
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It's Christmas Eve 1850, and the melancholy Scrooge finds himself alone at home when he sees before him the ghost of Jacob Marley, his long-time friend and business partner who died seven years earlier. Marley warns Scrooge that he will repent, even in death, for all the suffering he has caused others, and he has only one chance to escape his fate.

Love Thy Neighbour - Jacko's Wedding
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Jacko comes back from holiday with news that he is getting married to a bingo caller he met on his travels. When she shows up, everybody thinks she's after his money; in fact, Joan knows this girl to be a gold-digger--and already married. She sends the girl packing and the wedding is off. Albert thinks Jacko will jump into the canal, and everybody heads out there to stop him.

Gaslight (1940)
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Gaslight is a 1940 British psychological thriller film directed by Thorold Dickinson which stars Anton Walbrook and Diana Wynyard, and features Frank Pettingell.

Set in Pimlico, London, Alice Barlow (Marie Wright) is murdered by an unknown man, who then ransacks her house, looking for her valuable rubies. The house remains empty for many years, until newlyweds Paul and Bella Mallen move in. Bella (Diana Wynyard) soon finds herself misplacing small objects; and, before long, Paul (Anton Walbrook) has her believing she is losing her sanity. B. G. Rough (Frank Pettingell), a former detective involved in the original murder investigation, immediately suspects him of Alice Barlow's murder.
Paul lights the gas lamps to search the closed-off upper floors, which causes the rest of the lamps in the house to dim slightly. When Bella comments on the lights' dimming, he tells her that she is imagining things. Bella is persuaded that she is hearing noises, unaware that Paul enters the upper floors from the house next door. The sinister interpretation of the change in light levels is part of a larger pattern of deception to which Bella is subjected. It is revealed that Paul is a bigamist. He is the wanted Louis Bauer, who has returned to the house to search for the rubies he was unable to find after the murder.

McHale's Navy - The Ensign Gets a Zero
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Under the impression that Parker is an Ace Gunner, Binghamton wagers one of his most prized possessions that Parker can out-shoot an arrogant Captain's best gunner.

McHale's Navy is an American sitcom starring Ernest Borgnine that aired 138 half-hour episodes over four seasons, from October 11, 1962, to April 12, 1966, on the ABC television network.

Get Some In - Coke
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The cold has set in and fuel rations are severely limited amidst a fuel crisis, so Marsh is quick to alleviate C Flight of their portion of coke for Alice's use each night. Meanwhile, Ken is facing troubles of the heart.

Love Thy Neighbour - The Car
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When Bill buys a brand-new car. Joan tries to convince Eddie that they need one, and after Bill's constant bragging Eddie finally buys ones, but he can only afford a little scrap heap.

Love Thy Neighbour - Barbie Becomes Pregnant
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Barbie announces that she's pregnant, Bill brags, and Eddie tries to convince Joan to start a family as well, believing that anything Bill can do, he can do better.

Nearest and Dearest - A Price On Your Head
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Eli finds out that Nellie has had him insured and accuses her of trying to kill him off for his money.

You Bet Your Life #53-23  (Secret word 'Clock', Feb 18, 1954)
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The old lady in couple #3 is the clear highlight of this episode. Neither Groucho nor his cigars impress her at all, but Groucho seems genuinely tickled by her.

Suddenly (1954)
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In the city of Suddenly, three gangsters trap the Benson family in their own house, on the top of a hill nearby the railroad station, with the intention of killing the president of the USA.Director: Lewis AllenWriter: Richard Sale Stars: Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, James GleasonGenres

Laurel & Hardy - Babes in Toyland  (1934)
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Based on Victor Herbert's popular 1903 operetta Babes in Toyland, the film was produced by Hal Roach, directed by Charley Rogers and Gus Meins, and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Although the 1934 film makes use of many of the characters in the original play, as well as several of the songs, the plot is almost completely unlike that of the original stage production.
In contrast to the stage version, the film's story takes place entirely in Toyland, which is inhabited by Mother Goose (Virginia Karns) and other well-known fairy tale characters.

Hogan's Heroes - Kommandant of the Year
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Klink catches word that his POW camp, Stalag 13, has been ranked as one of the top 10 prisoner-of-war camps. Hogan uses the distraction to sabotage a new rocket being stored at the site.

You Bet Your Life #55-31  (Secret word 'Food', Apr 26, 1956)
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⁣Groucho Marx hosts a quiz show which features a series of compe****ive questions and a great deal of humourous conversation.

Blake of Scotland Yard (1937)
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Sir James Blake has retired from Scotland Yard so that he can assist his niece Hope, and her friend Jerry, in developing an apparatus they have invented, but he is called back onto the case after an experimental death ray is stolen.Director: Robert F. Hill Writers: Robert F. Hill (as Rock Hawley), Basil Dickey Stars: Ralph Byrd, Herbert Rawlinson, Joan Barclay

Green for Danger (1946)
30 Views · 10 months ago

Murder mystery thriller starring Alastair Sim and featuring Trevor Howard. After the nurse who declares that a recent surgical death was a murder dies also, an enigmatic Scotland Yard inspector arrives to investigate.Green for Danger (1946)Studio: Individual PicturesDirector: Sidney GilliatWriter: Sidney Gilliat, Claud GurneyCast: Trevor Howard, Sally Gray

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)
29 Views · 5 months ago

Stars: Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas, Lizabeth Scott, Van Heflin
Director: Lewis Milestone
Writer: Robert Rossen

A predatory female plots to rid herself of a meek husband and silence a former lover who may have witnessed the untimely death of her mean-spirited, but wealthy stepmother.

You Bet Your Life #51-08  ('Tree', Nov 22, 1951)
29 Views · 12 months ago

⁣Groucho Marx hosts a quiz show which features a series of compe****ive questions and a great deal of humourous conversation.

The Millionairess (1960)
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The Millionairess (1960) is a loose adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s Play of the same name. The film stars Sophia Loren and Peter Sellers and was hugely successful when it was released.

⁣Millionairess Epifania Parerga (Sophia Loren) has everything she could ever want, except love. So when she meets brilliant Dr. Kabir (Peter Sellers), she decides to add him to her list of possessions. Unfortunately, Kabir is not so easily won and presents her with an unusual prenuptial condition: she must live on only 35 shillings a day for 90 days if she wishes to marry him. Epifania accepts and presents a counter-challenge: Kabir must triple a small investment within the same 90-day period.

Are You Being Served S10E01
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Staff that have reached a certain age have been made redundant, including Mrs Slocombe. Refusing to leave Grace Brothers, she becomes a cleaner and her position is filled by a younger woman.

Love Thy Neighbour - Ghosts
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The discussion in the club turns to ghosts. When Nobby says a ghost is haunting the club, Eddie and Bill make a bet that Eddie can't stay in the club all night.

McHale's Navy - Ensign Parker, E S P
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To keep Parker from being shipped out, McHale and The Crew try to help the Ensign raise a thousand bucks, to replace a string of pearls - A gift for Binghamton's Wife - That were destroyed as Parker tried to save the Captain from what he thought was an air raid.

McHale's Navy is an American sitcom starring Ernest Borgnine that aired 138 half-hour episodes over four seasons, from October 11, 1962, to April 12, 1966, on the ABC television network.

The Clouded Yellow (1950 )
27 Views · 1 year ago

⁣An ex-spy (Trevor Howard) helps a girl (Jean Simmons) framed for murder flee across the Lake District, followed by Scotland Yard.

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