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PLEASE SIR! - (1971)
10 Views · 8 months ago

Mr Hedges (Alderton), is only allowed to bring his unruly class, '5C' to the School Camp, if he takes full responsibility for their behaviour.

Starring John Alderton, Deryck Guyler, Joan Sanderson

Keeping Up Appearances S04E07
9 Views · 2 years ago

Hyacinth volunteers Richard's services when there is a problem with the lights at the church hall, and he reluctantly agrees despite the fact that DIY is not really his forte.

Madeleine (1949)
9 Views · 2 years ago

The film begins with the purchase of a house in Glasgow by an upper middle-class Victorian family....
Their eldest daughter Madeleine claims the basement bedroom so she will have easy access to the servants' entrance and be able to entertain her lover, Frenchman Emile L'Angelier, without her family's knowledge.

The film dramatises events leading up to the 1857 trial of an otherwise-respectable young woman, Madeleine Smith (Ann Todd) for the murder of her draper's-assistant lover, Emile L'Angelier (Ivan Desny).
The trial produced the uniquely Scottish verdict of "not proven", which left Madeleine a free woman.
Ann Todd as Madeleine Smith
Norman Wooland as William Minnoch
Ivan Desny as Emile L'Angelier
Leslie Banks as James Smith
Barbara Everest as Mrs. Smith
Susan Stranks as Janet Smith
Patricia Raine as Bessie Smith
Elizabeth Sellars as Christina Hackett
Edward Chapman as Dr. Thompson
Jean Cadell as Mrs. Jenkins
Eugene Deckers as Thuau
André Morell as Defending Counsel
Barry Jones as Prosecuting Counsel
Ivor Barnard as Mr. Murdoch
David Horne as Lord Justice-Clerk
Henry Edwards as Clerk of the Court
Amy Veness as Miss Aiken
Kynaston Reeves as Dr. Penny
Cameron Hall as Dr. Yeoman

Angels Over Broadway (1940)
9 Views · 2 years ago

Bill O'Brien is a New York con man in search of a suitable gullible person to make some money on. In a fancy nightclub he finds Charles Engle, a man ridden by guilt and on the brink of committing suicide after embezzling a large sum of money that he has spent on his high-maintenance wife.

Charles has the appearance of a common hillbilly from out of town visiting the city and Bill decides to scam him for his money. Bill is unaware that the desperate Charles only has until 6 am to pay back the money he has embezzled before the crime is discovered.

One of the showgirls at the club, Nina Barona, is persuaded by Bill to help trick Charles into entering a poker game to win back the money. The game is arranged by a gangster named Dutch Enright.

Get Some In - Flight
9 Views · 2 years ago

C Flight are initially put out when their regular routine is changed; but as it's in favour of some real training - both with guns on the ground, and on a real air flight - they quickly change their minds. Corporal Marsh, however, is far less keen with the latter endeavour.

The Scarlet Pimpernel - The Lady in Distress
9 Views · 2 years ago

Chauvelin uses the Pimpernel's strong sense of chivalry to bait a trap with the beautiful Cecille as the bait. Informed that Madame la Guillotine awaits her pretty neck, Sir Percy plans a rescue.

Keeping Up Appearances S01E05
8 Views · 2 years ago

Hyacinth's social standing at a church function is jeopardised when Daisy tries to encourage Onslow to become more ardent. She pretends to have found herself a 17-year-old toyboy.

Keeping Up Appearances S05E04
8 Views · 2 years ago

Hyacinth's arrangements for a nice picnic with Richard seemed like a great idea at the time, but her plans don't go as she had hoped.

Night Train to Munich (1940)
8 Views · 2 years ago

When the Nazis take Prague, Dr. Bomasch (James Harcourt) escapes, but his daughter, Anna (Margaret Lockwood), is taken to a concentration camp. There she meets Karl (Paul Henreid), a Czech man who helps her escape. She flees with Karl to England where her father is already working for the Royal Navy, guarded by undercover agent Dickie Randall (Rex Harrison). No sooner are they reunited when Karl, actually an SS agent, steals father and daughter back to Germany. It is up to Randall to save them.

A Christmas Carol
8 Views · 7 months ago

A bitter old miser who rationalizes his uncaring nature learns real compassion when three spirits visit him on Christmas Eve. This is the 1984 classic starring George C Scott, Frank Finlay, David Warner, Edward Woodward, Susannah York, Joanne Whalley and a host of other household names.

You Bet Your Life #55-19  ('Foot')
8 Views · 2 years ago

⁣Groucho Marx hosts a quiz show which features a series of compe****ive questions and a great deal of humourous conversation.

Up Pompeii - The Love Potion
8 Views · 12 days ago

Lurcio can't help feeling that the household are trying to get rid of him, news of a pretty visitor leads to ideas of trickery, and a bit of something in the wine results in a lot of something in the air.

Keeping Up Appearances S05E03
7 Views · 2 years ago

Richard forgets his wedding anniversary but then tells Hyacinth that he had a new alarm installed as an anniversary present, only he has forgotten the code.

Get Some In - At The Hop
7 Views · 2 years ago

The boys are looking forward to their first leave, and an opportunity to get out of the camp at last. A dance at the local village hall beckons.

Get Some In - Medical
7 Views · 2 years ago

As C Flight prepare themselves for a first visit to the M.O., it seems Leckie is finding hsi service far tougher than the others. Could a few careless words about suicide from Cpl. Marsh put ideas in his head?

Get Some In - Boots
7 Views · 2 years ago

Lilley's principles are fast getting in the way of smooth relations amongst C Flight, before Marsh nails his boots to the floor.

History is Made at Night (1937)
7 Views · 2 years ago

After filing a divorce, Irene moves to Paris, where she falls in love with Paul. But, with Irene's jealous husband, Bruce, pursuing to get her back to New York, will Paul and Irene ever unite?

Keeping Up Appearances S04E03
6 Views · 2 years ago

Hyacinth plans a super-special event, desperate to keep up with the Barker-Finches who have had a local celebrity at their barbecue. However, despite a faultless strategy, events do not turn out quite as she planned.

Keeping Up Appearances S04E05
6 Views · 2 years ago

Hyacinth decides to have a second attempt at finding a weekend home in the country and Elizabeth is called in to help her on her property search. Her final choice is `interesting' to say the least and worries Richard enormously.

Get Some In - Erks
5 Views · 2 years ago

Marsh hatches a cunning plan to ensure C Flight graduate top of their intake, ensuring him his long-desired third stripe and a promotion to the rank of Sergeant.

Jassy (1947)
5 Views · 2 years ago

In 17th. century England, Jassy is believed a witch because she has sometimes visions of approaching disasters.

When Barney Hatton, an impoverished gentry whose gambling father has lost the family home, helps her anyway she will not forget and will try to help him have his property back - at any price?

You Bet Your Life #57-20 ('Chair')
5 Views · 2 years ago

⁣Groucho Marx hosts a quiz show which features a series of compe****ive questions and a great deal of humourous conversation.

The Ghost Train (1941)
5 Views · 14 days ago

The Ghost Train (1941) is a British comedy/mystery movie. Arthur Askey plays irritating entertainer Tommy Gander who is stranded overnight in a Cornish train station with his fellow passengers. Local legend has it that a phantom train passes through the station with the ghosts of its passengers on board. Strange things start to happen as the mystery of the ghost train begins to untangle. This film was based on a stage play by Arnold Ridley (Private Godfrey in the BBC sitcom Dad's Army). The Ghost Train was directed by Walter Forde.

5 Views · 14 days ago

Night Train to Munich is a 1940 British thriller film directed by Carol Reed and starring Margaret Lockwood and Rex Harrison. Written by Sidney Gilliat and Frank Launder, based on the 1939 short story Report on a Fugitive by Gordon Wellesley, the film is about an inventor and his daughter who are kidnapped by the Gestapo after the Nazis march into Prague in the prelude to the Second World War. A British secret service agent follows them, disguised as a senior German army officer pretending to woo the daughter over to the Nazi cause.

As German forces invade Czechoslovakia, scientist Axel Bomasch, renowned for his breakthroughs in armor-plating technology, becomes a target for both German and British intelligence agencies. Fleeing with his daughter Anna, their journey is fraught with danger as they navigate through enemy territory. Anna's capture by the Nazis and subsequent escape alongside Karl Marsen, who poses as a sympathetic fellow prisoner, adds to the tension.

Meanwhile, in Britain, Axel's arrival prompts a covert operation led by intelligence officer Dickie Randall. Anna's attempt to contact her father through a coded newspaper advertisement sets off a chain of events that brings her into contact with Randall, who poses as an entertainer to maintain cover. Their paths converge, leading to a daring rescue attempt orchestrated by Randall.

However, Marsen's infiltration of British intelligence complicates matters, leading to a tense confrontation during their escape to Switzerland. With the aid of British civilians Caldicott and Charters, Randall navigates through treacherous terrain, facing off against Marsen and his cohorts in a dramatic showdown that determines the fate of the Bomasches and their quest for freedom.

Margaret Lockwood as Anna Bomasch
Rex Harrison as Dickie Randall / Gus Bennett / Ulrich Herzog
Paul Henreid as Capt. Karl Marsen (credited as Paul von Hernried)
Basil Radford as Charters
Naunton Wayne as Caldicott
James Harcourt as Axel Bomasch
Felix Aylmer as Dr. John Fredericks
Wyndham Goldie as Charles Dryton
Roland Culver as Roberts
Eliot Makeham as Schwab
Raymond Huntley as Kampenfeldt
Austin Trevor as Capt. Prada
Kenneth Kent as Controller
C. V. France as Admiral Hassinger
Frederick Valk as Gestapo Officer (credited as Fritz Valk)
Morland Graham as Teleferic Attendant

Directed by: Carol Reed
Screenplay by: Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder
Based on: "Report on a Fugitive" (1939 short story) by Gordon Wellesley
Produced by: Edward Black
Cinematography: Otto Kanturek
Edited by: R. E. Dearing
Music by: Louis Levy
Production company: 20th Century Productions
Distributed by: 20th Century Fox
Release dates: July 26, 1940 (UK), December 29, 1940 (USA)
Running time: 95 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English

Keeping Up Appearances S05E05
4 Views · 2 years ago

Hyacinth surprises Richard with a pair of skis for a birthday present, a gift that he's not particularly thrilled about, but that ends up being only the start of a series of problems.

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