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The Scarlet Pimpernel - The Hostage
10 Views · 2 years ago

The Scarlet Pimpernel rescues a Baroness from Chauvelin, but she is reluctant to leave because Chauvelin has her son. The Scarlet Pimpernel must rescue the boy and not give away his identity as Sir Percy Blakeney.

The Scarlet Pimpernel - The Christmas Present
28 Views · 2 years ago

When Chauvelin captures an several important members of the French royalty, Sir Percy must forsake a quiet Christmas at home and attempt a rescue.

The Scarlet Pimpernel - Something Remembered
9 Views · 2 years ago

Answering an appeal from the Princess Melanie de Monsantes to bring her brother Jacques to safety from France, the Pimpernel finds him but he refuses to leave and instead asks the Pimpernel for help in frustrating Chauvelin's latest plan.

The Scarlet Pimpernel - The Ambassador’s Lady
10 Views · 2 years ago

Lord Richard Hastings's eye for a pretty girl places him and Sir Percy in the spotlight - and right under Chauvelin's nose. Will the gossip prove to be their undoing, or can the Pimpernel save the day?

The Scarlet Pimpernel - The Sword of Justice
16 Views · 2 years ago

An Englishman murdering French aristocrats is impersonating the Pimpernel. Sir Percy engineers a plan that allows his capture and execution by Chauvelin.

Nearest And Dearest - Get Up Them Stairs.
59 Views · 2 years ago

Walter and Lily, the Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman of Colne, have been together now for 24 years, and their marriage has always seemed, to outsiders, to be one long honeymoon. Nellie and Eli move in as marriage-maker and marriage-breaker when Lily confesses that the relationship is not all it appears.

Nearest and Dearest - Make Yourself At Home
47 Views · 2 years ago

⁣It's Friday night! And the Pledges are looking forward to two wholes days without pickling... until Lily and Walter appear. Apparently their house has subsided and they've got nowhere to go.

Nearest and Dearest - 'Compliments Of The Season'
22 Views · 2 years ago

It's Christmas Eve! Eli's full of the Christmas spirit and Nellie has to tell Lily and Walter they can't come for Christmas dinner as they are going out for theirs: "We've booked a table at the Hotel Metrollops".

Nearest and Dearest - A Price On Your Head
51 Views · 2 years ago

Eli finds out that Nellie has had him insured and accuses her of trying to kill him off for his money.

Nearest And Dearest - 1969 Christmas Special.
49 Views · 2 years ago

Boxing Day at Pledge's Purer Pickles. The factory is quite. The last consignment of special gift-wrapped gherkins for Christmas has long gone.

Nellie and Eli find time to spend a few peaceful hours with the family. It is a small family circle these days and the Pledge's are left with Lily and Walter, affectionately known - by Eli at least - as the Christmas Fairy and King Rat. But is it a good idea to hold a séance to try to get in touch with old Joshua Pledge who has been dead these two years? Is Lily really a medium? Can the ghosts of picklers long departed really roam the factory? Is dad trying to get in touch with Nellie from that great pickle factory in the sky?

Not On Your Nellie - S01E01 - 02 (1974).
36 Views · 2 years ago

Nellie Pickersgill moves to London to take the reins of her Ailing fathers Chelsea pub.

Not on Your Nellie - The Restless Spirit
16 Views · 2 years ago

Nellie contacts a spiritualist in an attempt to contact her late mother in the after life. She has an important question, and she needs an answer.

Not on your Nellie - Something in the Night
23 Views · 2 years ago

There are burglaries in the area and Nellie sees someone creeping around outside the pub at night. She thinks its the window cleaner Charlie. Or is it?

Not on your Nellie - Nellie Comes to Town
7 Views · 2 years ago

Nellie Pickersgill gets word that her father Jed is ill and can't manage his pub, so she packs up and hurries to move south to help him.

Love Thy Neighbour - Protection of the Law
100 Views · 2 years ago

Bill decides to leave the social club and go to the Caribbean Club. When Jacko, Eddie and Arthur hear there is a stripper over there, they go over too. When Bill sees them, he refuses to sign Eddie in. Eddie calls the race relation board and Bill is investigated and given a warning. When Eddie goes back to the club, Bill throws Eddie's pint of beer on the floor and they are both barred.

Love Thy Neighbour - Manchester United
29 Views · 2 years ago

Bill and Eddie are looking forward to going to the FA Cup Replay between West Ham and Manchester United so much that they both pretend to be injured so that they can take a day off work to go to the match. However their wives have other ideas!

Love Thy Neighbour - Limbo Dancing
26 Views · 2 years ago

Joan tries some of Barbie's exotic food on Eddie. After joining the works social club, Bill challenges Eddie to see who's best at Limbo dancing.

Love Thy Neighbour - The Bedroom Suite
30 Views · 2 years ago

Joan convinces Eddie to buy a new bedroom suite in the sale. Unfortunately Bill wants the same suite, so they both decide to camp outside the shop overnight.

Love Thy Neighbour - Barbie Becomes Pregnant
56 Views · 2 years ago

Barbie announces that she's pregnant, Bill brags, and Eddie tries to convince Joan to start a family as well, believing that anything Bill can do, he can do better.

Love Thy Neighbour - Ghosts
37 Views · 2 years ago

The discussion in the club turns to ghosts. When Nobby says a ghost is haunting the club, Eddie and Bill make a bet that Eddie can't stay in the club all night.

Love Thy Neighbour - The Lady And The Tramp
26 Views · 2 years ago

The club is having a Lady and the Tramp theme night: the men will be tramps, and the ladies will be ladies. Not so simple for Jacko, who comes as the lady and his mother is the tramp. Unfortunately, the police crash it because their liquor license has expired; Eddie forgot to renew it.

Love Thy Neighbour - Religious Fervour
12 Views · 2 years ago

After being disturbed by the local Revivalist Band and having a big argument with the boys about religion, Eddie gets converted and joins the band; Joan hatches a plan to revert him to normal.

Love Thy Neighbour - The Mediterranean
22 Views · 2 years ago

At the club meeting, the men decide to take a trip to Majorca. The women threaten to withhold all their services if they do not take them, so off they all go.

Through a misunderstanding, Eddie spends the duration of the trip in jail.

Love Thy Neighbour - Power Cut
19 Views · 2 years ago

The Electricity Board cuts off the power to Bill and Barbie's for non-payment. They know they paid it; they just can't prove it. Joan lets them move in and offers to go down to the office with Bill to sort it out. Unfortunately, the man is Black and Eddie can't hold his tongue. Worse, they find out that Bill gave Barbie the cheque to mail, she gave it to Joan, and Joan gave it to Eddie. It's still in his pocket.

Love Thy Neighbour - Eddie's Mother In Law
19 Views · 2 years ago

Joan's mother comes to visit and Eddie puts his foot down and kicks her out. Joan leaves with her.

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