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Nearest And Dearest - 1969 Christmas Special.

84 Views· 11 Mar 2022
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Boxing Day at Pledge's Purer Pickles. The factory is quite. The last consignment of special gift-wrapped gherkins for Christmas has long gone.

Nellie and Eli find time to spend a few peaceful hours with the family. It is a small family circle these days and the Pledge's are left with Lily and Walter, affectionately known - by Eli at least - as the Christmas Fairy and King Rat. But is it a good idea to hold a séance to try to get in touch with old Joshua Pledge who has been dead these two years? Is Lily really a medium? Can the ghosts of picklers long departed really roam the factory? Is dad trying to get in touch with Nellie from that great pickle factory in the sky?

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