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The Great Van Robbery (1959)

13 Views· 23 Nov 2023
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Scotland Yard receives news, that bank notes stolen in a Royal Mint van heist have turned up in South America.
Inspector Caesar Smith, (Denis Shaw), is put on the case, and ends up in Brazil, where he learns that the stolen notes were used in the purchase of coffee beans, which leaves him trying to track down the buyer, as they were more than likely the men behind the Royal Mint robbery.
He follows the trail which leads to Europe, before ending up back in Britain at the door of possibly the guilty coffee importer/van robber.
This is a pretty well paced, and enjoyable, little film at just over an hour, in which Denis Shaw appears to be having a ball with his globetrotting, karate chopping, and coffee beans!
Maybe not a classic, but an interesting way to spend 60 odd minutes.

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