Ada Creswell (Irene Handl) is a widow and Walter Bingley (Wifred Pickles) is the gravedigger who buried her husband. The couple become friendly and a relationship gradually develops.

Ada’s daughter, Ruth Polliter (Barbara Mitchell) lives next door with her husband, Leslie (Jack Smethurst).

Ruth and Leslie don’t really approve of Ada’s involvement with Walter, but they have to accept that they can’t do anything to prevent them from seeing one another.

The first series deals with the developing relationship between Ada and Walter. In the second series, they make wedding plans and start saving up for the big day, which finally comes at the end of the series.

Series: 4
Episodes: 27
Transmitted: 1970-71
Channel: ITV
Thames Television

Series 1

101 – The Widower
102 – Sunday Tea
103 – The Permissive Society
104 – The Football Match
105 – Another Man
106 – Spring

For The Love Of Ada – Walter Meets Ada
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